Thursday, 26 May 2011

Back again!

Apologies to all you avid followers of Wood View News (I know you are out there), I cant believe how long it is since I posted anything.

The business has been really busy since early April and the extra Bank Holidays meant that visitors numbers were up for the month. The weather was superb as well, but now the wind and rain has arrived with a vengeance abd doesnt seem to know how to stop, which is disappointing when the other two thirds of the country seem to be under drought conditions - one of the many joys of living in the Yorkshire Dales.
 As mentioned before, I did the Yorkshire Dales Etape on May 15th, for the 2nd year running, but unfortunately suffered from the aforementioned weather conditions - wind and rain all the way round. All the competitors were mystified as to how you could have a howling headwind for 90 miles of 110 mile circular route! Anyway, Chris, Mike and myself duly completed the course, but in a slower time than expected due to the appalling weather. Oh well, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, so they say.
Plans are in place to alter some of our stone outbuildings at the rear of the house to make a decent sized workshop and cycle store. We currently have two small sheds, neither of which are really big enough to be of any use, so we plan to knock down the dividing wall and double the floor area to give us some useful space. The work probably wont start until later in the summer, but we hope to have everything finished before winter arrives.
This weekend we have the Austwick Cuckoo Festival in the village, with a street market on Monday. There are numerous events taking place over the next few days, children's sports, guided walks, race night and so on. The bunting has gone up and the weather forecast is actually quite good for the next few days, so hopefully the event should be successful and raise lots of money. 

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